Before I Leave Texas.

I have approximately 3 more months in Austin and I can already feel my Texas pride growing. To satiate this feeling I’m planning on taking little things that remind me of home. I wish that I could take the weather with me. I know most people hate the heat down here, but the summer is when I thrive. I’m going to soak up the sun as much as I can in preparation for the 3 years of fog and drizzle that I have ahead of me.

Top on my list is to get a pair of boots. So far these are my favorites that I’ve come across they’re from milkbar boutique on etsy.

I love the embroidery detail!!

Another find on etsy is this Texas Pillow made by love california.

I need the gray one for my bed!!


My family first moved to Texas I was in the 7th grade. When we left all of my friends asked me to send them a cactus. They imagined this state as a barren land with nothing but cacti, tumbleweeds, and cowboys. They also thought that I was going to ride a horse to school. No joke. (Side Note: I saw my first tumbleweed in 2008 in Midland Texas. It was a big moment for me.)

In remembrance of young naiveté and of Texas, I want to take a cactus with me (or at least have a cactus).

This adorable mini planter is made by paperdoll woodshop on etsy.

Way too cute! I love the choice of color and the felt that is stuck to the cactus. I might have to do that to mine!

One last thing that I was thinking about trying to find before my big move were vintage cowboy posters. I’m still considering it, but I had another idea while browsing through etsy. I want to collect a bunch of vintage cowboy and cowgirl sewing patterns and make some sort of collage or art piece out of them. I’m still figuring out the details.

I’m open to more suggestions if anyone has any. I’m sure this list will grow more and more as my time here comes to an end.


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