Renegade Craft Fair: What I Bought.

Earlier this month I posted about VERAMEAT, a kick-ass jewelry designer that was at the Renegade Craft Fair. I didn’t buy anything from her but I did get a couple of other fun things. The first is a beaded headband from Heart Felt.  In my experience most cute hair accessories are black, which unfortunately don’t really work with my dark hair, so obviously when I saw this one it had to be mine! I love the little silver flower thingies!

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eBay eBayBay. Ending on or Before 6.3.10.

There are so many vintage treasures on Ebay this week! I know this post is super long, but I swear that this is the edited version. Here’s what I’m watching this week:

I’m Vintage Obsessed.      

B&W Tribal Pattern Harem Pants, Pink Striped Ruffle Pants.     


Wicked Plum Vintage.      


Hot Pink & Black Mini Dress, Distressed Button Down Top, Sheer Cream Mini Dress.       


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Renegade Craft Fair: VERAMEAT

The Renegade Craft Fair was here in Austin over the weekend and it was amazing!! Each and every one of the booths and vendors was so talented. A lot of the stuff was kinda similar, but everyone definitely had their own point of view. I wanted to buy just about everything, but I escaped with only 3 things… so not a huge dent in my wallet.

VERAMEAT was one of the designers that I fell in love with. I wanted to walk away with 75% of what was on her table, but it was all out of my price range. Why do pretty things cost more money? She gave me a 20% off code to use online, so I might try to save up and get something in the near future.

 These were my favorite things that she had at the fair. AMAZING, right?!? Yes ladies and gentleman, that’s  T-Rex eating a piece of fried chicken. She also has a ring of a T-Rex eating a heart, and while it’s cute I like this one better. All my mom could say about the ring with the three people was “That would be hard to wear”. I disagree and think it’s absolutely adorable! You’ll always have a friend close-by with 3 tiny people sitting on your fingers!

Dino Eating Fried Chicken Ring, Everybody’s Talkin’ Ring           

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Species by the Thousands.

This weekend I am going to the Renegade Craft Fair. It is the first time that it is being held here in Austin and I am so excited! To get prepared I was reading an interview that Etsy did with the people who put on the fair.  In the interview one of the questions they were asked was what their favorite handmade items were that they have purchased and why. One of them said

“… my bearded man screenprint T-shirt from Species By The Thousand… . Erica makes incredible drawings and selects the perfect nude, organic material for a tee — I wear it like twice a week!”

I immediately clicked on the link, because… well, what’s more interesting than a bearded man? Not much. I immediately fell in love with so many of their items.

The aforementioned totally amazing,

Bearded Man T-Shirt: $38.00

I know it’s a dagger… but this totally reminds me of Sword in the Stone, don’t you agree?

Dagger Ring: $50.00

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eBay eBayBay. ending on or before 5.20.10.

 Here are a few select vintage items that are currently in my eBay watchlist:

 Sleepyhead Vintage  


Tin Roof Vintage  


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In Need of Some Need Supply Co.

I’m totally obsessed with just about everything on Need Supply Co.. EVERYTHING. I love them because they carry affordable, high quality, stylish clothing and accessories… as well as more expensive pieces. This post could go on forever with what I’m currently eyeing, but I stuck to things that are more on the affordable side.

Top: Petals Double Zip Bag. Middle: Flat Stud Purse. Bottom: Pieced Pattern Bag.

I was reading The Clothes Horse yesterday and she posted about the Stud Purse pictured above, and I fell in love with it immediately. I’m trying to resist buying it, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be mine by the end of the week. I’ve never really been that into purses. They are an accessory I’ve never found that inspiring, however Need Supply is doing a really good job at changing my mind. Last Christmas my mom gave me Palmero Bag in black, and I use it just about every day.

Top: Double Wrap Stud Belt. Middle: Scrabble Flats. Bottom: Maxine Studded Wedge.