eBay eBayBay.

eBay is my crack. If I had the time (and money) I would spend hours on end scouring its depths to find the best vintage finds. Here’s what’s in my watch list for the week:

First, from my favorite eBay store: Funkin Junkie

Romper, check. Ironic Americana, check. Slightly Nautical, check. Perfection. 

4 Words: Bright Purple. Menswear. Romper.

Amazing? Yes.


Golden Yellow Ruffled Skirt. Tiny Shiny Buttons. Adorable. 

 Next up are listings from Thrifted

Abstract Floral Print Done Right. Simply Sweet. 

Military + Nautical = Big Hit.


 I’m not too hot on their styling choices, but they have great listings: Tinroof Vintage.

(Possibly a nod to the best Bluebell flavor ever?)

I am obsessed with this dress! The pattern, the colors, and the sleeves!!

(I totally hate that bracelet though. ick.)

The simplicity of this dress makes it darling. I love grey and I love stripes. Home run.

(except for that pesky bracelet again!)


To round out the list, here are some items from Libra Vintage

Denim. Acid Wash. Floral Print. 3 for 3.

I’m strangely drawn to this top, and I can’t explain it. but I love it.

Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the polka dots and stripes to the sweetly sheer sleeves and lower bodice.


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