Dr. Dog @ Emo’s.

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Dog, please click on that link and give them a listen. You will not be disappointed. I promise. Now if you’ve heard of them but you’ve never seen them live, it is a must. I’ve seen them 5, maybe 6 times and each and every show has been better and better. They are constantly changing up their set and reinventing their songs. It keeps it interesting for the audience and I’m sure for them too, which is probably why they always put on such a high energy show!

Deer Tick were the openers. They are good, but I’ve never really gotten into them. the first time I saw them was last year at ACL, and I actually liked them a lot better then. I do love their bass player though. His demeanor makes him stand out from the rest of the band, he’s so effortless and interesting to watch.

Deer Tick

Dr Dog.

Here’s the official music video for ‘The Ark’, one of my favorite Dr. Dog songs. 

I couldn't find a good video of their show at Cedar Street, when I saw them, so I'm settling for different show. 

Dr. Dog Performing 'I Only Wear Blue' at SXSW 2010.


So I don't know wtf I'm doing with my eyes, but this is the only "good" picture that I got of my outfit that night.

I didn’t manage to snap a picture of me wearing them, so here’s an image of the shoes I wore.

  • Date: 5.1.10
  • Occasion: Dr. Dog show at Emo’s
  • Dress: vintage, altered by me (is used to have long sleeves and was much longer)
  • Tights: American Apparel
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
  • Bracelets: Forever 21
  • Necklaces: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Vintage, and a random boutique in Italy.

Now for another 15 year old moment. My friends were front center when I met up with them, and for the second half of Dr. Dog’s set I was literally there up at the stage. It took me back to my teenage years, and I loved it! Now for my Dr. Dog crush, it’s Eric Slick, their new drummer. Apart from being totally cute he’s a super talented drummer. He impressed me and all of my friends, and he was insurmountably better than the drummer for Deer Tick… who I find rather boring (he really needs to learn some new beats). He’s in the center of the first picture, and second from the right in the last one.


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