Vintage Vintage Vonlenska Vintage.

My latest clothing splurge came thanks to Etsy and Vonlenska Vintage, which is quickly becoming my favorite vintage shop on Etsy. I had been eyeing these items for quite some time and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I purchased 3 tops and a skirt. They all came in the mail a few days ago and I can’t wait to wear them all!!

Honeydew Mellon Button Down Silk Blouse.

Olive Green Silk Blouse.

Silky Graphic Multicolored Cube Blouse.

I’m going to alter this one, I think it needs short sleeves!

Black High Waisted Rough Cut Skirt.

I love the uneven hem, which is unusual for me. I feel like it makes it more memorable and gives it more of an edge.

I’m also still lusting after several items in her shop:

Mongolian Lamb Fur Vest: $275

(as if I have that kind of money lying around)

Turquoise Silk High Waisted Trousers: $65

Silky Bright Purple Blouse: $18

(what a steal!)

Teal Rose Patterned Secretary Dress: $45

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