Species by the Thousands.

This weekend I am going to the Renegade Craft Fair. It is the first time that it is being held here in Austin and I am so excited! To get prepared I was reading an interview that Etsy did with the people who put on the fair.  In the interview one of the questions they were asked was what their favorite handmade items were that they have purchased and why. One of them said

“… my bearded man screenprint T-shirt from Species By The Thousand… . Erica makes incredible drawings and selects the perfect nude, organic material for a tee — I wear it like twice a week!”

I immediately clicked on the link, because… well, what’s more interesting than a bearded man? Not much. I immediately fell in love with so many of their items.

The aforementioned totally amazing,

Bearded Man T-Shirt: $38.00

I know it’s a dagger… but this totally reminds me of Sword in the Stone, don’t you agree?

Dagger Ring: $50.00

How freaking cool is this?!? Jaws anyone?

Shark Mouth Pendant: $80.00

So delicate and strong at the same time.

Two Finger Twig Ring: $120.00

My favorite item would be the most expensive one on my list. I am obsessed with this ring!

Dragon Ring: $160.00

You can purchase all of Species by the Thousands items and many more amazing things on Supermarket. You should really take some time and peruse through the site. I can guarantee ( at the very least) it will be inspiring! Here are a few other items that I would love to own!!

Subliminal Wall Wear: $45.00, Crude Necklace: $160.00

Milk & Bread Necklace: $45.00, Blink Print: $100.00

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