Renegade Craft Fair: VERAMEAT

The Renegade Craft Fair was here in Austin over the weekend and it was amazing!! Each and every one of the booths and vendors was so talented. A lot of the stuff was kinda similar, but everyone definitely had their own point of view. I wanted to buy just about everything, but I escaped with only 3 things… so not a huge dent in my wallet.

VERAMEAT was one of the designers that I fell in love with. I wanted to walk away with 75% of what was on her table, but it was all out of my price range. Why do pretty things cost more money? She gave me a 20% off code to use online, so I might try to save up and get something in the near future.

 These were my favorite things that she had at the fair. AMAZING, right?!? Yes ladies and gentleman, that’s  T-Rex eating a piece of fried chicken. She also has a ring of a T-Rex eating a heart, and while it’s cute I like this one better. All my mom could say about the ring with the three people was “That would be hard to wear”. I disagree and think it’s absolutely adorable! You’ll always have a friend close-by with 3 tiny people sitting on your fingers!

Dino Eating Fried Chicken Ring, Everybody’s Talkin’ Ring           

She has a much larger selection of jewelry on the website than she had at the fair (and she has A LOT of stuff there). Here are some other things that I love!

Brainiac Ring, Spine Ring   

         Mystery Hugs Ring, Shooting Octopus Ring

Godzilla Robot Necklace, Squid Necklace, Viking Taking Over the Sky Necklace 

Killer Dive Necklace, Dino Yay Necklace


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