eBay eBayBay. Ending on or Before 7.6.10.

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted my eBay watch list, which has been my only regular posting. It was completely interrupted when I went to Canada, and then my schedule was off and I couldn’t get in back in sync with writing up a new post and the endings of the auctions. Finally though I’ve found a good time, and I think I like Monday postings for this better than Thursdays, which is what I was doing. I also consolidated the images so the post wasn’t a mile long like they have been in the past. I’m gonna try it for a while and feel it out. Anyway, I’ll get to the important stuff… here’s what I’m watching on eBay this week!

Funkin Junkie.

Americana Top. Neutral Circle Dress. Polka Dot Tank Romper.

Sheer Pink Blouse. B&W Polka Dot Romper. Floral Mini Dress.


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Oh British Columbia!

As I mentioned here, I recently spent some time in Canada with my family, 8 days to be exact. First we spent some time in Victoria where we went whale watching and spent some time at the beautiful Buchart Gardens. Next we went to Whistler and played in the snow at the top of the mountains. The last place we stopped on our British Columbia tour was Vancouver, where we spent a lot of time exploring the city, we rode bikes along the sea-wall in Stanley Park, traversed Capilano Bridge (well, the rest of my family successfully crossed without me. It was really high and scary!), and on our last day we did a mad dash through Granville Island before heading to the airport. I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I did (does that always happen to anyone else?). Some of the highlights are below. Enjoy!!


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Before I Leave Texas. Vol 2.

I have approximately 6 weeks left in Austin (not counting the time I’ll be in San Francisco looking for a place to live). I’m still on the hunt for keepsakes that will remind me of Texas while I am away. So far the only thing that I’ve gotten is a tiny silver cowboy boot necklace. It’s absolutely adorable and I love it, but it’s not nearly enough to fill the giant hole that moving away from this giant state is going to leave in my heart (too cheesy?). I haven’t found the number one thing on my list, a pair of vintage cowboy boots, but I still have hope! Thanks to a bunch of great sellers on etsy I have a few more things that I would love to take with me.

Pinata, Pinata Print.

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eBay eBayBay. ending on or before 6.10.10.

Here’s what is feeding my eBay addiction this week! 


Noirohio Vintage.     


high waisted polka-dot pants.       


abstract floral shirt dress.       


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