eBay eBayBay. ending on or before 6.10.10.

Here’s what is feeding my eBay addiction this week! 


Noirohio Vintage.     


high waisted polka-dot pants.       


abstract floral shirt dress.       


navy skinny striped button down.       

 navy & white striped floral tent dress.        


Sleepyhead Vintage. (I get a total Betsey Johnson vibe from this dress, don’t you?)       

floral backless mini dress.       

nude dripping crochet top.       


Dollface Vintage. denim polka-dot romper.       

sheer lace mini dress.       

 dripping lace mini dress.      

Funkin Junkie.sheer abstract floral shirt dress.     

menswear polka-dot romper.     

  sheer abstract navy stripe shirt dress.     


Indiecult Vintage.  gold crochet flapper jacket.     

lace crochet and embroidered mini dress.     

high waisted lace denim shorts.     

high waisted acid wash lace cutout jeans.    


3 thoughts on “eBay eBayBay. ending on or before 6.10.10.

  1. Im obsessed with the second lace dress and jeans and shorts at the bottom!
    Is there any way i can buy something like that?

    1. I don’t sell items on my blog, these items are from other sellers on eBay that I love. Because school started back up again I haven’t been able to keep up with what’s on eBay at the moment, but you might be able to find similar items on either Modcloth or Nasty Gal. Good luck and happy hunting!


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