Before I Leave Texas. Vol 2.

I have approximately 6 weeks left in Austin (not counting the time I’ll be in San Francisco looking for a place to live). I’m still on the hunt for keepsakes that will remind me of Texas while I am away. So far the only thing that I’ve gotten is a tiny silver cowboy boot necklace. It’s absolutely adorable and I love it, but it’s not nearly enough to fill the giant hole that moving away from this giant state is going to leave in my heart (too cheesy?). I haven’t found the number one thing on my list, a pair of vintage cowboy boots, but I still have hope! Thanks to a bunch of great sellers on etsy I have a few more things that I would love to take with me.

Pinata, Pinata Print.

Silver Cowboy Boot Necklace.

Okay, so I know this charm isn’t of Texas, but there’s one available… just not a picture of it.

Teensy State Charm Necklace.

So this is a tie bar, but I invision refashioning it as a necklace!

Vintage Silver Cowboy Boot Tie Bar.

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