eBay eBayBay. Ending on or Before 9.22.10.

Long time no blog!! My life has been absolutely crazy for the past 2 months. I moved out of my house in Austin and in with my parents for a few weeks before I drove a big yellow Penske truck with my dad to San Francisco. I’ve been living in San Francisco for little more than a month now and I am absolutely loving it! The city is amazing and my classes at the Academy of Art University are way beyond all of my expectations!!

I’m not going to be able to post as much and as often as I did last year, but I am going to try to update my blog as often as I can! This is just a real quick’n so I can get back to doing my homework. I’ve missed you all!!


Burgundy Leather Bomber Jacket. Teddy Bear Sweater.

YSL Button-Up Top. Black Sheer Pleated Dress.

Funkin Junkie.

Oscar De La Renta Sweater. Sequin Equestrian Hoodie.

White Denim Floral Pants. Plaid Cocoon Cape.

Brown Leather Tuxedo Coat. Black Leather Biker Jacket.

Faux Mink Bolero Jacket. Leather Patch Coat.


One thought on “eBay eBayBay. Ending on or Before 9.22.10.

  1. The leather jackets catch my attention. Classy and cool, these will always be a favorite of mine.

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