Norway. ish.

I’ve been promising my friends and family that I would blog about my design projects for quite some time, and thanks to my wonderful friend Seth, who hooked me up with a scanner at UT, I’m finally am able to! I posted the first one a couple of days ago here. That was for my Fashion Illustration class, and this one is my first project from my Fashion Design class. We had to select a country as our inspiration, and I chose Norway. Don’t ask me why because all I can say is that I wanted to do something different…and I’m pretty sure that I had the song “Norway” by Beach House stuck in my head (listen to it here!). To start we all collected tons of pictures based on our country and created a research book using those images, and then we used our research books as inspiration to create sketches, tons and tons of sketches.

The picture above is my mood board, which contains some images from my research book that I felt best exemplified and explained the looks that I chose for my final collection. It also has fabric swatches that the pieces would be made out of. I ended up with a heavyweight and a midweight black wool, a grey lightweight wool, and pink velveteen, blue silk something… and I can’t remember what the white one was (ah!). I’m just at the beginning of school and learning how to sketch and render the fabrics, so I know these aren’t uh-mazing but I’m still proud of them! I can’t wait to compare these to the projects that I’m going to finish this semester. My favorite look is probably the first one on the right, but it changes a lot. My Fashion Design class was the most challenging one I took last semester, and also definitely the most rewarding. I am really looking forward to getting back to school so I can start being creative and productive again!


8 thoughts on “Norway. ish.

  1. Love Love Love your mood-board! And all of those notebooks and scrapbooks and sketches and things! Oh My! Just the thought of them makes me so excited for you. Keep it up! and if you can (i know time gets tight with classes and such) keep up the blogging about class. I LOVE IT!

    1. Awwww thanks!!! If you’re interested I’m going to post my other design project from last semester soon… and I’m much happier with it than this one. Time will definitely get tight when school starts back up, but I’m determined to keep updating my blog regularly… so keep me accountable! 🙂

  2. these are super!! i wish i had the pants in the first one on the right. total future pants. norway is a great pick, even if it was sort of by chance.

    did seth inspire the hair too? haha.

    1. Thanks so much!!! I’m so happy that you like those pants, they’re one of my favs too!!

      … and no Seth wasn’t he inspiration for the hair… it’s all me/what I wish my hair looked like! haha.

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