Now I Know Where It Comes From.

Get ready for what might be the most exciting blog post of my life. I was talking to my mom on the phone about a week ago, and she told me that while visiting my grandma (her mother) she had taken a picture of her because my grandma had a shirt that was similar to one of mine. My grandma knew this because I was wearing it in one of the pictures included in last years family Christmas card. My mother is technologically inept, so first of all it took her a few days to send the file in an e-mail (I’m sure because she wasn’t sure how to transfer it from her iPhone to the computer) and then when I opened the file it wasn’t a picture, but rather a, awkward video clip of my grandma waiting for a picture to be taken. So first of all I was able to giggle at my mother, and then squeal from joy because… well you’ll soon see.

Before that though, here are some pictures from my birthday party last year, where I wore the aforementioned top.

Get ready…



Honestly, I’ve never considered my grandma as “stylish”. Usually when we’re visiting she’s in house clothes/slippers/a muumuu. She dresses comfortably, not fashionably… but obviously I need to do some closet raiding next time I’m back home in Texas because clearly she has some hidden gems!


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