I’m Crafty – Bookbinding Edition.

I’ve been interested in bookbinding pretty seriously since last semester. I wanted to put together a portfolio for my design class, I checked out a few books for the library, but I never got around to learning how to do it because I never had the time above and beyond my regular work. Thanks to a friendly email from Refinery29 a few months back (yea this post is a long time coming… so is the next one I have planned) I learned about a bookbinding class that was happening at a new shop Press: Works on Paper! Obviously I signed up immediately, because I knew I had to jump on the opportunity.

Pressworks is a small shop stuffed full of goodies: stationary, wrapping paper, rare books, quirky desk items, and bookbinding tools (of course). If it’s unique and has to do with books or paper, I’d bet that they have it stocked or can get it for you.

I won’t get into all of the gritty details, but I had a great time! Our teacher Jennie was amazing. She was so friendly and passionate, and really wanted to make sure everyone understood each step. I definitely want to take another class to learn a different method ASAP. In fact they’re actually hosting a class this Saturday that I’m thinking about going to (info here).

I snapped a few iphone pics (sorry for the poor quality!) of the bookbinding process that you can continue to checkout below. If you’re interested in reading more about Press: Works on Paper, the Bold Italic did a really nice write-up on the class and took some killer pics (Me and my hands are in a lot of them [see below], no big deal.)

Honestly, please click on this link for the Bold Italic, hopefully you’ll get as big a kick out of it as I did!


Fashion Illustration.

Over a month ago I wrote about starting the final for my Fashion Illustration class last semester (here), and this is the end result! Obviously I went with the Alexander McQueen dress (at least I hope that’s obvious). I wish I had taken pictures during the entire process to show y’all, but I was so focused on finishing that I didn’t really think about it. All in all I spent more than an entire weekend on the embroidery for this project and ended up drawing blood a few times. ouch! Overall I was happy with the end result, even though my instructor didn’t seem to be too impressed with my work. I ended up getting an A in the class though!

(If you’re interested you can click on the picture and zoom in to see my handiwork!)

Renegade Craft Fair: What I Bought.

Earlier this month I posted about VERAMEAT, a kick-ass jewelry designer that was at the Renegade Craft Fair. I didn’t buy anything from her but I did get a couple of other fun things. The first is a beaded headband from Heart Felt.  In my experience most cute hair accessories are black, which unfortunately don’t really work with my dark hair, so obviously when I saw this one it had to be mine! I love the little silver flower thingies!

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