Madewell in SF! (Oh, and I was blogged!)

I can now die and go to heaven. Why you ask? Well, Earlier this week (my favorite store EVER) Madewell opened it’s doors here in San Francisco!! They threw an opening party on Thursday night and it was tons of fun. There were so many stylin’ dudes and ladies there it was insane (which made it very hard to get to the open bar in the back, but my friends and I made it. phew!) I can’t wait to go back and get a better look at everything.

During the party a photo was snapped of me by Stylenik. They posted it, with some other great pics they took at the party. You can check mine out below, and the others here!

I’m wearing a BDG top and ecote belt from Urban Outfitters, vintage Diane Von Furstenberg skirt, asos tights, Me Too shoes from DSW, and necklaces from Nordstroms.

Thanks Stylenik!!


Whimsy and Polka-Dots.

I’m wearing brown! Yes, yes… I’ll admit that there’s more black in the outfit, but it still counts towards my new years resolution!! I first blogged about this skirt a while back (here). It’s one of my favorite pieces to wear, and I feel like it always adds a bit of femininity and whimsy to my outfits.

Details: Top: Vintage. Skirt: Vintage. Tights: American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Bandolino from DSW Necklaces: Forever 21 and BCBG. Ring: BCBG.

Once again my wonderful friend Heather took these pictures for me (love you!!)


I know what you must be thinking, stripes, plaid, and leopard? YES! In fact when I went later that night I put on a black and white floral cardigan. My obsession for mixing prints and patterns absolutely positively cannot be controlled! The adorable scarf I’m wearing I won in a drawing that Alicia over at Cheetah is the New Black held last month. She’s a great style blogger with an eye for what I would call “casual glamour”, and not to mention she’s totally obsessed with everything leopard print (ie a girl after my own heart!)! You should definitely check out her blog! I’m totally loving with this look of hers.

Details. Shirt: J.Crew (ooooooold). Shorts: Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters. Tights: DKNY from Nordstroms. Scarf: Lulu’s via giveaway from Cheetah is the New Black. Necklace: Forever 21. Spike Ring: Fallon Jewelry from

After seeing my last outfit post (see for yourself here) my wonderful friend Heather took pity on me and offered to help me out with a mini photo shoot. She captured all of these pictures and I love her for it!

In the Beginning.

So this is my real first go at an outfit post! Yay!! Take note, if you didn’t already know: It’s really difficult to take pictures of yourself without a tripod and a remote. I have both of those things back in SF, so hopefully these posts will immediately improve once I have access to my equipment. Please bear with me for now, I’m just doing my best to stick to my resolution! I know it’s not much to look at, but as the saying goes you gotta start from somewhere. Right?


Details. Dress: Barneys Co-op. Scarf: Urban Outfitters. Jewelry: Forever 21, Vintage, Urban Outfitters. Tights: Urban Outfitters.