Subliminal Souvenirs. Whatever That Means.

We’re already working on our third project in my Fashion Design class, and I’m just getting around to posting about the first one. Gee-whiz. Needless to say, the semester has been intense and a whirlwind of sorts, and it’s not going to slow down until it’s over… and it’s never over! I do love it though. oh so much.

The prompt for our first project was “Subliminal Souvenirs: Develop a collection based on your own memories and reminders of experiences by looking inward and outward for inspiration.” (There was more to it than that, but I’ll spare you the lengthy PDF.) I have to be honest and say that it kind of stumped me at first, mainly because I felt like I didn’t have many things that would qualify as”subliminal souvenirs”. When I moved to San Francisco from Austin I left those kinds of things behind. However, this made me come up with ideas that were less obvious, but at the same time – in the end – really more obvious. The majority of my research book was filled with pictures from ACL, as well as children’s toys and other knick-knacks. I’ll try to scan the pages in and post them when I get a chance!

One major learning tool that our instructor had us use for this project was that each week we were required to find different fashion illustrators and use their styles to inspire our croquis/roughs. These are two of my better ones from the project.

Inspired by Richard Chai’s illustrations.

Inspired by Stephanie Jiminez’s illustrations. I met Stephanie when I took some classes at the Austin School of Fashion Design about a year ago, and I loved her drawing style! I followed through with her illustrations as the major inspiration for my final girls.

On the day of our critique I ended up with 15 final looks and these are what I consider the best of those 15.

Overall it was a really good critique! (yay!) My instructor liked the boxiness/angularness of the collection as well as the oversized cuts. He also liked the hair (my signature from my previous projects [here and here] wrangled in a bit). He did suggest that I make the girl more “realistic”… ie shorter legs, arms, and neck. At the time I didn’t really agree (probably because I was running on 3 nights of no sleep) but looking at them now I definitely do and I’m glad I made an adjustmant for my second project.


SXSW. Twenty-Eleven.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend to say the least, and definitely the most eventful SXSW experience that I’ve ever had. I missed out on all of Wednesday because I had class, but I made up for it by fitting in as much as possible during the next 3 days. I started Thursday off at the MTV garage. I had planned on seeing Foster the People there that morning, but I couldn’t drag my ass out of bed because of the time change/lack of sleep I’m generally running on (yay grad school!). My friends and I stood in line for over two hours to get in, and it was totally worth it. We had just enough time before Matt and Kim went on to take advantage of the free beer and fried goodies aplenty.

I don’t know much about concrete, but apparently it’s a really REALLY flexible material. Once Matt and Kim started their set the entire roof of the garage started swaying, and then it started bouncing. up and down. up and down. I was 3 free beers deep at this point and totally freaking out slash having a great time being double-bounced off of the ground. LITERALLY DOUBLE-BOUNCED!! It was insane and I wondered what the news would say that night if we all died under the rubble of the Red River garage. Eh, I honestly don’t think it would have been a bad way to go.

While waiting to get into the MTV garage I noticed Donald Glover walk in with some friends. If you don’t know who he is you obviously don’t watch Community… and if that’s the case go to Hulu right now and check it out. RIGHT NOW. If you do watch it you’ll be happy to hear that Donald informed me that they just got signed for a third season!!

I just told him that I’m coming to his show in San Francisco in about a month. Obviously he’s excited that I’ll be there.

No words. I think my face says it all.

After the MTV garage I met up with some other friends and we went to go play Rebel Bingo at the IFC Crossroads House. From the pictures and videos I’ve seen of their other events I think this was much smaller and MUCH tamer than they are used to. It turned into a  big dance party afterwards, which ended up being much more fun than the game was (mainly because I had a bum card and I wanted to win the cat suit that they gave away).

I had some time to burn the next morning before what I had planned, so I wandered over to Cedar Street to see what was going on. I caught the end of Map & Atlases’ set and stuck around for Luke Rathborne. I had no idea who he was, but I was totally crushing on the adorable drummer… so I figured why not stay? I felt bad because there weren’t that many people there compared to the crowd for Maps & Atlases, probably because they had run of out of free food by that point. He were really good and I’m glad I got a chance to check him out !

The next thing I did was probably the coolest part of the weekend (yes, even better than Donald Glover licking my face). Via twitter I found out that Yours Truly was hosting some of their In My Room shows and I immediately sent them an e-mail to get the deets. I was told to meet in front of Halcyon that afternoon, and a small group of us boarded the bus. As soon as we hit the road I immediately started thinking that I may have been a little too trusting… I couldn’t help but wonder, had we just been kidnapped? My friend Heather and I were laughing the entire ride to the MTV Hive House, which was in a part of South Austin that I’ve never been to… which only helped the hilarity of the situation.

We all stuffed out faces with free tacos and beer and then had out ears tantalized. Their voices were made for each other. I have never heard anything like it and I doubt I ever will.

They told me that I had the best style of anyone there, gotta love that.

Immediately after I ran over to the French Legation to see Tuneyards, well not literally ran I was actually driven (thanks Heather!). The line was crazy, but luckily I was able to catch the last three songs of her set. The things she does with her voice are insanely beautiful.

I didn’t see as much music on Saturday because I spent the first half of the day at Style X (post to come). I met up with some friends that evening though and we went to Cedar Street and saw Little Dragon. We spent the first half of the set out on the sidewalk because the line stretched around the corner where you couldn’t see, but we eventually got in.

These were just the highlights of the weekend, there was so much going on and so much to see it’s hard to keep it all straight. It’s all still a blur, but that just means that it was a killer weekend in my book.

ACL Day 3.

Dare I say Sunday was even better than Saturday? Most people spent the entire day complaining about the heat, but I though it felt wonderful. It was great to be back in Texas where the sun shines bigger and brighter!

Walking to the Festival.

White Rabbits

Working on my TOMS tan while waiting for my friends.

Blind Pilot

I didn’t know these guys before seeing them… but I did recognize one of their songs, which was kind of weird. They were great and I’m definitely going to be purchasing some of their music!

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ACL Day 2.

I turned 24 last week, and for my birthday my parents flew me to Austin so I could attend Austin City Limits Music Festival!! For the past 8 years is has been the best weekend of my year, without fail. Sadly I missed Friday because I had class that morning in San Francisco. Even though I missed several bands that I would have loved to see (GIVERS, Miike Snow, Beach House) it was still an amazing weekend! I was able to spend some time with my family, and catch up with most of my friends. I miss Austin and the scene there so much and I loved being able to have a little recharge.

I wanted to take my SLR into the festival, but I had no way to sneak it in because I’m a minimalist and only take what I can fit in my fanny pack (it’s sequined, and yes it’s awesome). All of the pics I snapped I took on my iPhone, most of them using the Hipstmatic app.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I rarely listen to these guys, but they always put on a great live show. Grace Potter is absolutely magnetic on stage, and is a total badass.

The Very Best


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Dr. Dog @ Emo’s.

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Dog, please click on that link and give them a listen. You will not be disappointed. I promise. Now if you’ve heard of them but you’ve never seen them live, it is a must. I’ve seen them 5, maybe 6 times and each and every show has been better and better. They are constantly changing up their set and reinventing their songs. It keeps it interesting for the audience and I’m sure for them too, which is probably why they always put on such a high energy show!

Deer Tick were the openers. They are good, but I’ve never really gotten into them. the first time I saw them was last year at ACL, and I actually liked them a lot better then. I do love their bass player though. His demeanor makes him stand out from the rest of the band, he’s so effortless and interesting to watch.

Deer Tick

Dr Dog.

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Local Natives @ Antone’s.

One of the best shows I saw at SXSW this year was Local Natives, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you probably (and hopefully) know who they are. Last weekend they played a show here in Austin at Antone’s… and they killed it. Absolutely killed it. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to see them again!

I haven’t had the opportunity to dress up in a while because I’ve been getting things together for Grad School in the fall, which means my wardrobe as of late has been overly casual and consisted of jeans and t-shirts. Shame on me, I know… I know. I felt super cute that night so I snapped some quick pics. (I’m still learning how to use my camera correctly, so bare with me.)

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